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R. O. A. R.

Welcome to the Raise Our Awareness Revolution!

The criminal conspirators and their motives are now exposed. This is no longer a conspiracy theory.
We are witnessing the worst Crimes Against Humanity our world has ever seen.
We the people have seen enough casualties. Too many families have been devastated with the loss of loved ones and livelihoods. And I’m confident I speak for all of humanity when I emphatically say that we’ll be damned if these oligarchic criminals think they’re going to take the last of our freedoms, our sanity, and our way of life.
It is now abundantly clear that their plan for humanity is global genocide, slavery, and transhumanism.
And such a grand plan must be met with an equally grand response.
Make no mistake, this needs to be met with a revolution, nothing less. We need a global paradigm shift of biblical proportions. We can no longer sleepwalk our way through life.

This war will not be won with weapons or violence. It will be won through revelations. We need to bring the enemy out of the dark and into the light as we end their Great Reset agenda and move forward with our Great Awakening agenda.
So again, Welcome to the Raise Our Awareness Revolution!
First, read and sign the Declaration of Demands for Humanity. This is our weapon in this war because when we are united and stand strong behind one message, we don’t need fire power.
Next, commit to raising your awareness by taking some time to view some of the evidence compiled on this site.
And lastly, contribute by raising the awareness of others on your own, or by donating to the cause. Donations and revenues from sale of promotional items go directly towards the printing and the strategic distribution of more ROAR material to the masses by DaVinci and his team of patriots.
WE THE PEOPLE have had enough, and it’s now time to take our world back, for GOOD. (Pun intended)
Thank you, and God Bless us all as well as this Raise Our Awareness Revolution!

Marburg will be activated in the Vaxxed via 5G, Quarantine camps & shots for the Unvaxxed